Christmas Eve 4 pm at

The Inn at Rio Rancho


Worship with us 

 9 am Sunday Morning

Come early for coffee!  Good News, Good Music, Great People!

We Gather at 9 am at Ten Pins and More – in the bar 

Worship in a Bowling Alley?

It’s not a typical church sanctuary, but it’s still a sacred place when we gather for worship.  Come and try it!

What should we expect in worship?

Great question!

We are a Lutheran Church that appreciates the rituals and language that’s formed Christians for generations. But we aren’t afraid to tinker with tradition. Our worship service is a bit traditional and a bit homespun.

Our one hour worship services are centered on the Good News of the Bible.

No assigned seats!  Just grab a table!

Everything you need to know is printed in our program, so no need to memorize creeds, prayers, responses or long scripture passages.

We usually have a mix of old hymns and new songs…you may hear keyboard, flute, guitar, violin or harp.

We have a free pot of coffee brewed.  The bowling alley’s snack bar is open, so get a breakfast sandwich!

Come praise God with us!  Whatever tradition you come from and wherever you are in your journey of faith, you are welcome here.


   Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday!

 We believe we are meant to explore Jesus together, not on our own.

Come worship, learn, and explore life in Christ with us!

childcare available, child friendly worship

black-dog  jonah-at-church  

Søren Kierkegaard wrote, “When we come to worship God, we generally feel as though the preacher and other ministers are the performers and God is the subject of the performance and we as the congregation are merely the audience…but this is a terrible misunderstanding of worship… Authentic Christian worship is just the opposite. We, the congregation, are the performers. The preachers and other ministers are the directors of the performance and God is the audience.” 

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